Friday, 15 November 2013

Assassins Creed Beanie

My teenage son asked me to knit him a beanie with the Assassins Creed logo in it.  I said to him "You find me the pattern and I'll give it a go", thinking to myself that I was quite safe for a while.  I even casually mentioned the Ravelry website. 
Hmph! Not 5 minutes later he calls me to his computer screen to say "Is this what you need Mum?", showing me a charted Assassins Creed logo.
Actually this is another case of more stitches than those that show.  Since I took this photo yesterday I knitted up another dozen or more rounds, only to discover the changeover from intarsia to swiss darning would not go smoothly.  Oh well, it's a learning curve.  Now I've frogged all the extra rows and a few more.  Now I'm going to try knitting the beanie in plain stocking stitch, then swiss darning the top half of the logo.  I just hope that where I have done intarsia, the red carried behind doesn't show through too much.  Like I said, it's a learning curve, and who better to practise on than teenage boys that hopefully won't be as picky as I on the finer points of intarsia.