Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Xmas 2013

Gosh, it's been a little while since I've written.  I have so much to say, so little time. 

I actually had 9 days off over Christmas, but didn't get a single stitch knitted!  Not for want of trying though, as one would have thought that camping by a river would allow lots of craft time.  Not so.  Travelling, jet skiing, trying to get jet ski going, back and forth to town for new fuel, new oil, this town and that town trying to find the right spark plugs, getting the jet ski over 40 mph, finally getting it to 65 mph, ..., swimming in the river.  Add to that one still has to cook and clean.  Washing was all by hand then run through the hand wringer on the back of the van.  By the time I got time to myself in the afternoons, I was too weary to knit.

I am very proud of my Christmas dinner though, one of the best roasts I have ever done.  It was in the caravan oven, which is as slow as a wet week, (nearly 4 hours for a 1.5 kg lamb shoulder), but the meat just fell away when the knife went near it.  And the roast spuds and pumpkin turned out brilliantly.  Wow, both meat and potatoes turned out perfectly.  Pat on the back to me!


How spoiled am I?  Look what I got from family.  A 'Knit and A bit' t-shirt, calico project bag and a box of business cards.  I could have cried.  Actually I'm a bit teary writing this, thinking how lucky I am to have such thoughtful people in my life.