Friday, 20 September 2013

Post Uno

Gee what do I write for my first post?
I looked at other blogs but wasn't smart enough to find their first blog post, but I got a message from the Grand Purl Baa telling me to "just write", I think she said.
I started this blog because my knitting was getting out of control and I need an outlet for it. So someone suggested I start a little "business". I want to post photos of my work and hopefully one day someone will say "ooh, I like that, how much?"
I designed and made this!
And this one too!
And these bags won a prize at my local country show!
I love to travel. I keep two travel notebooks- a paper one and a laptop - but it's hard for my friends and family to see where I go when they're private diaries. This blog will be good to share my travel thoughts and photos with those I love.
This photo is of Blue Lake, Mt Gambier in South Australia.
My writings are whimsy, to you they may be waffle, but it's me.
I could not have started this blog without the help (and persistence) of Carly Findlay - blogger extraordinaire and very patient lady.
So bear with me while I get the hang of this modern communication medium. Refinements to follow.