Monday, 10 March 2014


Well, after my family gave me these items for Christmas 2013 I decided I had to get a bit of a move on and try and do something productive with Knit and A bit. Not sure if you can see in the photo, but the business cards have the blog address on them.  That's not a problem, because hey! I'm already here blogging away.  But the cards also have a face book address on them.  Oops, no face book page, so I can't give out any cards until I get the page going.  It took a bit of work and chopping and changing my mind on how to present it, but in the end I had to press the launch button (a bit like hitting the GO button for this blog).  May I proudly present to you .  I hope this link will lead you to my little store on Facebook and that you will hit the 'Like' button and share me around.
Please feel free to give me feedback as I'm not really sure how it looks from the outside world. 
I think it looks and reads okay from a computer, but I'm not sure how to access the albums from a mobile.
Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.
Now, I just have to work out the balance between blogging and Facebooking, more of this, less of that, or the other way around.  Any ideas?  Please feel free to comment.